Boris speaks out on organ donation July 10, 2014 20:58

No matter what you think of the long standing Mayor of London Boris Johnson, I give him credit for back the fact that more Organ Donor's are needed.
As much as I would like to see more influential "celebrities" backing it to the younger masses, any action is positive action.
3 people die a day while on the transplant list. My Mum was one of those even after being on priority, her size being very petite was one thing that stood against her and the call never came.
It really doesn't make sense to take healthy organ's to your grave.
Statistics found that organs are donated from just 1% of the numbers of deceased each year.
This is shockingly enough happening when healthy organs from half a million people are cremated or buried making the odds for those in need a game of roulette.
Ask yourself if you would accept a life saving donor from someone?
Off course you would and if this is the case, don't contradict yourself by not becoming a donor yourself.