Flexing in the Jordan 'Flight Flex' July 9, 2014 21:39

Without going into too much detail, I'm not a huge fan of Jordans-Shock horror my loyal American viewers must be thinking.

For me I'm more into my runner silhouettes, the first pair of trainers that I ever fell in love with were the metallic silver AM97's so it's only right.
The shape of Jordan's are too bulky for my liking and basic coverage of materials are standardly not of very vibrant colouring. Top that with the rise of teen boppers and likes of Miley Cyrus re-inventing herself as a "Sneakerhead" I'm happy to proceed with only 2 pairs in my collection.

These hyper pink beauties however, now we are talking. The vibrancy of the girly pink contrasted with the bulky masculine soles completely does it for me.

These kicks are ready to slam dunk the ground out of the gym (or Basketball court) every day of the week.