Stan Smith is back... and he's in my inbox July 9, 2014 21:28

When it comes to newsletters I sign up to I'm pretty selective on who I choose on the basis that I get sent enough junk as it is.
Adidas however I'm happy to have come into my inbox with promos, discount codes and relevant updates on new releases etc.
This morning I was greeted with, "Stan Smith is back". Now we all know and love Stan, he's been around since we were kids so I took a few minutes out of work to read on.
Adidas are now letting you customise certain aspects of this cult tennis shoe however as much as I long for the day for this to come, you still can't personalise the tongue and replace Stan's face with your very own mug.
I see that Adidas want to keep the shoe in check and no doubt don't want any old person endorsed on their shoe but we can still dream or enter the competitions that pop up on a very rare occasion to win a pair.
For now I will have to stick with the images I got printed at the re-launch from Truman's Brewery earlier in the year that don't really look like me but still, the effort is there and what a fantastic launch it was.