It's a balancing act for Karl Lagerfeld in his battle with New Balance June 6, 2014 21:07

A couple of day's ago I was reading about the battle of New Balance VS Lagerfeld in relation to his latest release.

There's no denying that the resemblance is there. Although Chanel is my favourite high end fashion label, I'm not a fan of Lagerfeld. How un-original can one man be and for someone with the label of "Fashion Director?"

The iconic 'N' logo of New Balance is famous worldwide and has been a symbol of the brand since the 70's, it will be interesting to see how this law suit plays out.

New Balance are big in the likes of Asia where there is a big demand for high end fashion, if any thing Lagerfeld's no doubt thought about this and is trying to ease sales in with his latest design by means of it reminding customers of New Balance.

I will be treating myself to a pair of Chanel kicks one day but Ill be swaying more so to the likes of the following: