Long time no blog - Charity Fundraising May 6, 2014 23:06

Mum suffered from Usual Interstitial Pneumonia, a terminal form of Lung Disease for the last 2 years.

Despite being priority on the Organ Donor list, unfortunately after being admitted into hospital for 4 weeks having contracted an infection that left her weak she then had to come off the list.

 Mum sadly passed away peacefully at home within days of being discharged with my brother and I and friends at her side.

Words can't even describe how important being an Organ Donor is.

If you were to become ill yourself (Mum was diagnosed at 54) you obviously wouldn't say no to receiving someone else's organ donation so if that's the case and you aren't a donor then ask yourself why?

Taking healthy organs to your grave is a WASTE of life!

My aim is to use my following on Footwear Floozy to reach a younger crowd in raising awareness of how important it is that more people sign up to the Organ Donor List.

Just because you are a donor doesn't mean that your organs will be used. In order for them to be taken, you must be brain cell dead I.E. suffered from a head injury, stroke or be in a coma.

Because most people die of natural disease during old age, many Organs have to be rejected which is why more people are needed to sign up.

£1.00 from the sale of every keyring and further £5.00 from the sale of any trainers that will soon be live will be donated to the Harefield Hospital who carry out lifesaving Lung and Heart surgery day in day out.

My Mum had to visit on a few occasions and the team their were absolutely brilliant, a lot of hospital could learn from them|!

Going forward I aim to push this a lot harder so watch this space!

Mum was a very strong woman and never said a bad word about anyone or anything, she knew right from wrong and with keep herself grounded - I learnt a lot from her and will miss her everyday for the rest of my life but in her spirit will stay positive and focused.

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