Last Weekend's Buy... Adidas ZX710 - Marble VS Retro February 12, 2014 22:57

Ah yes, as I mentioned in my previous blog come last Saturday straight from work I hot footed it down to Offspring in Brighton to pick up these beauties.

On entering the store I paced around on the hunt for these and at first thought that they weren't being stocked as I couldn't see them. On asking a member of staff thankfully they were hiding from me around the corner.

As usual I didn't bother trying them on. I generally just check them over and go straight to the till. If I have to debate whether I want something that's usually a sign for me to say no, hold off for now and with regards to the size, 9/10 a UK 4 is a sure fire fit.

After years of buying anything that remotely caught my eye as a kid, I've grown wiser now to invest more in styles that I feel I would be gutted not to go home with rather then buying just for the sake of it so to say.
The fit for me was true to size, a lot of friends (shout out to Shari in Canada) were hoping for half sizes but they weren't released. Despite this from what the fellas have said they are in agreement on fit.

With regards to the colourway with the Samba blue and Sunshine what's not to like. These are a definite Summer runner, a classic from 1987 (before I was even born) that can compete with any modern day release these are by far my favourite release of the year so far.

I'm looking forward to what else Adidas intend to unleash on us this year especially if more collaborations with Offspring come into play.