Help track down a pair of sentimental Nike ID's - #MADEFORJASMINE February 3, 2014 00:01

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If ever a pair of trainers held more than a material value then this is it.

For many of us footwear is a passion in which we invest, for Shelley Wright the Nike ID's that she is trying to track down mean so much more as they were designed by her gorgeous daughter Jasmine who sadly lost her battle to leukaemia last year.

Newhaven is not far from where I live and I hope to God that these trainers are found. For anyone who has lost someone that means more than the world to them having an object that can be cherished is extremely comforting, It will never replace the person, only remind us of how much of an impact they had to their lives.

Please help spread the word, lets get these trainers home!

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