Great Success With The Arrival Of The Horse... February 2, 2014 22:35

Today I had a quick catch up with my extended Northern, Vietnamese. Chinese family Member Mr Hoang talking as always about new releases.

With it being the Chinese New Year and his family as always celebrating in style we got on to the subject of the release of the women's Air Max 1 in honour of the, "Year of the Horse."

As much as I like the design, it doesn't appeal highly to me. The key element that I'm personally feeling is the engraved metal lace tag reading, "Great success with the arrival of the Horse"... I'm quite annoyingly superstitious from having a thing for Lucky Cats to the Evil Eye.

What stood out the most about this release is that compared to the likes of the YOTS these haven't been highly hyped up and are still available to buy at around £120 which actually makes me like them more, they aren't being bought out and put on eBay for Ludacris amounts (as yet)