Green & White Army - Stan Smith Pop Up Box - Trumans Brewery January 20, 2014 21:00

Although I wasn't highly into the "Socknslides" campaign on the basis that I believe flip flops and socks just don't work together, I'm generally highly impressed with the visual and engaging promotions Adidas produce to captivate an audience.
The last time I went to London was for the 'Spezial' exhibition at the Hoxton Gallery showcasing a crazy array of Adidas trainers from back in the day to present (1074 pairs were transported to the exhibition side where only 600 pairs made the cut, to be exact. Check the link for my blog on the event - )
So after deciding that I would regret it if I didn't go on Saturday night I woke up at 6am Sunday to make my way up to the city to witness the Stan Smith pop up box store in aid of the re-launch of this classic trainer that's embraced the feet of sports stars to trendsetters the world over.
As I decided to go up last minute I met up with my brother as he lives nearby.
Although he's not big on trainers he works in marketing for a company that work with rivals Nike so he was out more to look at their concept and he seemed impressed.
Last Summer in Brighton this little beauty was put up in the city centre to promote Schuh offering discount on all of their Adidas gear but what I saw in Shoreditch was on another level with the box actually housing a wall of Stan Smith's as well as the "Stan Yourself" sticker machine.
The "Stan Yourself" sticker concept in my eyes is novelty genius that engaged the interest of everyone in there. Although there was a slight craft to getting the lighting right and manoeuvring the finger led signature it was definitely a token treat to take home and yes, these will be blown up and added to my collection of Adidas memorabilia being the geek that I am.
 Another aspect that I enjoy with Adidas promotions is that their staff are always so keen to talk to you and share their own passion for the brand. One of the chaps I spoke to even went as far as to say he could, "Wear Adidas everyday for the rest of his life". Now you may think well he would say that, he has to endorse the brand he works for but you could tell by his knowledge and enthusiasm he was a keen "Adi-Addict", as were the other guys.
All too often you can go to promotions were the staff who are supposed to be engaging the consumer to spread the word and essentially sell are more into themselves then the concept / product but no, you don't get this with Adidas.
Too good to be true
A cheeky MSK throw up spotted
Lights on, Adidas are home
It goes, on & on & on & ...
What was being celebrated, presented beautifully
Fun & games
 Couldn't help but spot an Overkill sticker in the area, if you ever reach Berlin hit up the store!
Took the Princess to the Box - Adidas ZX700 X Belle
Overall it was another successful campaign by Adidas from what was going on in Shoreditch to Paris.
I now wish I studied marketing at university to get a job on their marketing team it would be the dream!
One thing that I would suggest though is that they tour exhibitions/promos to the north of England.
I know that a few bits were going on in the Northern Quarter in Manchester but from my experience of working for Size? and JD sports in Leeds and befriending many an Adi fan, there's a lot of interest in the brand up there especially within the football casual scene.
 I should probably say thanks to the brother too, I don't get to see him much but he works hard which I admire and always encourages me to push for my goals.
Here's to the next promotion from Adidas, it will be interesting to see how the Stan Smith re-launch develops as well as how the team aim to beat this one.

Just like her muma, even my cat is a fan!