Happy New Year January 1, 2014 21:59

I don't generally make resolutions for the new year, I just re-cap on the last 12 months and think what could be improved.
Other then off course keeping my mum happy and continuing to work hard, one of the things I intend to do more in the new year is devote more time to Footwear Floozy.
I spend a lot of the day on the computer in my full time job working for the amazingly unique brand Irregular Choice. When I come home I'm often checking emails out of OCD rather then focusing on my own projects, I feel like the web gets more attention then anyone in my life.

Looking back the the year, baring mums health its been a good one. A lot of travelling was done for trainer events, some decent releases were had, new friends were made from all over, babies born and banter as always rolling.

2014 will be about the following:
. Continuing to work hard.
. Spend more time blogging and getting back to selling and not obsessing over work.
. Drinking less (the hangovers are getting worse as I get older spreading across 2 days wasting my time as the days are write offs)
. Getting a healthy amount of sleep.
. Staying positive and supporting others.
, Last and most important of all continuing to help my mum and get my own fitness back on track with the aim of some charity runs in aid of Harefield Heart & Lung hospital who treat my old lady. As much as I love trainers, my mum is number 1 before everything.
My life long fascination with rubber soles has always been a great focus but mum getting ill yet again enforces the fact that there are so many things more important. I'm cureently thinking of further fundraising through Footwear Floozy. Watch this space.