Christmas Is Crackers December 30, 2013 21:05

The festive season is finished as far as Christmas goes.

Without sounding like the ultimate Grinch this time of year does not bother me in the slightest. 
I think anyone who has worked/works in retail will understand. 

Unlike those with office jobs, those who work in retail are running frantic up until the last minute on Christmas Eve dealing with crazy shoppers to then have one day off to recover and start again off course on boxing day for that all important sale and prep.

This year we didn't even exchange presents, I'm a 25 year old woman who certainly doesn't expect my mum to run out and buy me anything.

Christmas Eve was spent in town with the boys and Christmas day hungover feasting on a roast with my mum and brother in the day and evening...with an Indian take out around a friends house hanging.

So yeah, if you have a cushty office job where you get two weeks off, good for you. 
No wonder you love this time of year :)

 I spent 4 or so years working on the shop floor, I now work in an office but it's still retail based.
The only way to escape the ghost of Christmas is to not work in retail I guess.

This isn't an "I hate Christmas rant", it's more of a reflection that there is certainly more to life then Christmas and the greed that follows and pressure on parents to get their kids the latest "thing".

(It was also the first Christmas in memory my mum didn't give me trainers
(Ill be making up for this on January the 3rd with some Nike ID's and Adidas ZX's)