Vintage Vibes August 29, 2013 23:33

I remember in my younger days of working for Size? in Brighton (because at 25 I'm old) a customer came in the store to return his trainers purchased from us online, let's just say that he was not a happy bunny.

What he thought was a dirty pair of trainers (and how dare we send him a "dodgy" pair at that) turned out to be the vintage effect finish of the shoe.

Now this makes me laugh to this day but I can kind of understand why he wouldn't want them.

I never thought I would invest in a pair myself as I don't really see the point of pretending that something is vintage.

The happiness in having an original pair is knowing that they are just that, OG!

I did however manage to sway myself after I stumbled across the Air Vortex (2012) in a Nike outlet just outside of Leeds, they are by far one of the most comfortable runners I have ever owned.

Despite feeling these, my loves still belongs to my OG babies!