To slide or not to slide? - Adidas Originals #socksnslides August 29, 2013 23:13

I really don't have a problem with what people wear no matter how garish or plain their dress sense may be however after seeing this campaign popping up in the form of hash tags all over the internet it really does make me wonder why you would want to bring this 90's look back?

This is probably the one mix regarding ANY piece of footwear that bothers me. The need to wear a pair or winter warmers in the form of socks with a summer staple being a pair of flippers.

The worst look of them all is the sandals that split your toes. How are your feet even comfy like that when you have socks on? 

Images like the above are what I typically relate to the sort of person who feels the need to get sports sock length tan lines.

It's another case of why do girls wear hot pants with a woolly hat on Brighton beach in the summer?
Why do people wear a vest with a woolly ski hat and shorts?
Gloves with a t-shirt...

As much as the look book by Ying&Yang is very bright and well styled, you couldn't pay me to bless my feet with sandals, let alone the sandal sock combo!

The one aspect I do like about this campaign whether intended or not is the humour of it.
I know SJP slightly brought the style back in some little red sandals a while back but the only people I know who would actually consider this look are the many middle aged men who would come in JD Sports when I was younger to snap some up for their holidays to sport around the pool!

All I can say is good luck to all those involved, good for you if your wearing the combo but it will be banned in my flat!