Nike SB P-Rod 7 June 6, 2013 20:16

As a kid, wearing trainers was just a standard part of my wardrobe. 
Back then they weren't worn to be seen as a certain crowd, as a fashion statement or even bought to be collected for instance. 
We wore them to run around in and just have fun.

It wasn't until I was around 10/11 and I got my AM97's I really started getting into trainers, mainly Nike.
As with a lot of girls and guys my age, Nike Dunks were the standard and I would say one of the most fun styles to get with a multitude of different colour ways available at a reasonable price.

It was during this time I came across SB's. Although I only own a couple of Blazers and the Mork and Mindy's I think they are considerably over shadowed these days by Air Max releases in particular.

In the early years of working for Size? (were going back 7 years) a colleague always wore them and I'm not going to lie I was extremely jealous that I couldn't get them in my size.  

I remember talking to a Japanese customer about how hard it is to get decent releases in girls sizes and she suggested getting the size 6 and using 2 insoles to fill them out so... on that note I got a pair from Lost Art and off course they began creasing at the toe after a few wears. 
I should have learnt my lesson from buying size 6 AM90's aged 14 (the mother wasn't impressed) that looked even worse.
Despite this I will never sell them on as they are one of my favourite pairs to date. 
I couldn't believe it when I saw a pair in a bargain bin at Sneakerness for £30.00 and they weren't snapped up, perhaps a sign of the times.  The other pair I longed for are the Dinosaur Juniors, I'm literally a magpie to anything tacky-chic and shinny. The little cartoon is just the icing on the cake.

Getting back on track, I'm quite feeling the P-Rod 7's. Red and Animal print = two of my favourite things.


Although from age 10 I have loved Air Max, until the hype dies downs which with any fashion trend it generally does I'm definitely feeling spending my cash on some different silhouettes that aren't so common on the highstreet.