Womens Air Max Thea - Flash Lime June 4, 2013 20:20

If trainers could breed then THEA one of Nike's latest releases for us girls would definitely be the offspring stemmed from a bashful session between the ever loved Air Max and Roshe Run.

Now for any fan of Nike footwear, you can surely appreciate the blend of two loved silhouettes. I personally really like this, it kind of looks wrong but in all the right ways.

I'm not going back on my previous statement of not being a huge fan of the Roshe Run (unless were talking about the "Island Girls" custom) but the mix here as well as colour combinations I feel works really well together I'm loving the lime on mint green.

I guess my only issue with the Roshe's as comfortable as they are, on release the hype around them kind of killed it for me.

These days I would much rather scour the likes of eBay, Facebook groups and various forums to find an old release that I'm unlikely to see someone else on the highstreet with then pay for something just to say I have the latest release etc.

It will be interesting to see if Nike continue their blend of mating their babies. 

Watch this space I guess!