The House That Adi Built - Schuh x Adi Promo June 3, 2013 19:43

Last Friday morning on rushing to work half asleep I came across this larger then life Adidas Box.

As geeky as it may sound to some I was actually thrilled to see it, a man dressed in neon workers gear about to jump off it having spent the early hours putting it together.

The promo involved taking a photo of yourself in front of the box to take to the Brighton store to claim 12% off.

Now I rarely shop on the highstreet for trainers in Brighton let alone Schuh however this was a really good bold campaign.

I was hoping to pop back down after work to take some more pictures but my colleague informed me that it had been taken down early afternoon, I guess due to the amount of space it took up and perhaps Schuh not wanting to loose out on hitting their target with so many people claiming the discount.

As for the box, if Schuh/Adidas ever wanted to get rid of it I would happily take it as a walk in wardrobe for all my Adi gear!

While we are on the subject of promos, I also spotted by old stomping ground Size? Brighton's a-board advertising the fact that they now have a pretty decent selection of girls sizes in store. 
I wish they did in the days I worked there!