Love for the Aloha - Nike Cortez May 22, 2013 15:04

"Aloha" - Hawaiian: compassion, affection, peace and mercy.

I briefly declared my love for the Nike Cortez Nylon QS Aloha Pack a few months back via the Facebook page and will confess it even more now that these beauts have been released.

What I find quite bizarre on reading many reviews is the amount of people that don't even know what the Cortez is, let alone the history that this iconic silhouette represents.

For me, the floral print and vibrant colours are right up my street. 
Seeing as we never get a decent Summer over here in England, a pair (preferably the aqua blue) on my feet would easily make up for this.

Growing up I remember having a basic navy pair. Although I like the silhouette of the shoe I would often choose a pair of Elite's or Metro Runners over them as the colourways were generally pretty bog standard and boring.

Now that these have been born, my opinion could be swayed. 
Here's hoping that with the release of the likes of the Beaches of Rio pack also,  Nike continue to bring more bright and vibrant colouway's to the table with new releases of cult classics and lets not forget off course, the Roshe Run Island Gir" custom.

As much as I'm not a huge fan of the Roshe's with the fact that if you visit the likes of London it seems everyone is wearing  a pair I'm definitely rating this version. 

My issue when it comes to trainers seems to be the more a style is hyped up (unless it's literally an amazing release) the hype makes me avoid it like the plague where as off course, you get those who wear trainers to follow fashion and be seen to be cool rather then wearing something that they actually love.

Each to their own I guess!