Solermart Berlin 2013 May 5, 2013 23:10

This time last week my Friend Helen and I went galavanting to Berlin to see the sights, taste the delights and off course visit Solemart.

Having gone to Sneakerness a few weeks prior to Solemart I had a taster for the European events and just like Sneakerness, Solemart didn't disappoint...
Keeping it in the Solebox family, the guys put on a great event and the free entry was an added bonus and a great  thank you gesture to their loyal band of merry customers from across the land.

Trefoils on everything, where else but Germany!

Adidas were on hand with a bit of promo, for those who needed to cool off after a few too many free beers they had the delight of a cold slush puppy off course blue in colour topped off in an Adidas plastic cup.

On entering the event before I even got the chance to check out the stalls I spotted this little chap kitted out in the Jordan brand. What an absolute little cutie:

When it came down to spotting some potential buys there wasn't too much on offer for us ladies. 
I did spot these beauts I had to debate on and off for the entire duration of the day for 200 (Euros) that the Ben Coshi and the French sellers had brought over.

They would have been perfect with Summer upon us but I had to tear myself away.

As much as I mention after visiting events like this that there isn't a lot on offer for girls unless you want a pair of YOTS don't let this put you off. Everyone from private sellers to big chain stores like Size? are well aware of the need in small sizes in limited releases for example and it seems that over the last few years the big heads are finally listening to us. 

Whether that's because trainers have recently become a fashion staple thanks to the likes of Rihanna or just because more girls are becoming known for their collections with the use of Instagram, either way I guess it has to be a good thing.

Absolute dude this bloke
My one and only buy of the day - Nike Glacier

As with Sneakerness, AM1's were everywhere

I definitely recommend booking a couple of days of work to spend a long weekend away at the European events. With the likes of Crepe City over here being such a sell out I was hoping to see a lot more Brits over there.

Flights in advance with the likes of Easy Jet are very cheap and you can book a hotel/apartment at a very cheap rate if you look around. The good thing about Berlin is there's a lot to see and do and plenty of shops to get your kicks all easily accessed by public transport. 

One aspect I enjoyed is how many characters we met along the way from Europeans Floozy followers to randoms like the guys above.

See you next year Solermart!