Sneakerness 2013 April 9, 2013 22:54

Over the years I've heard a lot about Sneakerness (mainly from the days of working for Size? and talking to the European fiends that often came through the Brighton store) yet I never manged to go as it always seemed to clash with work and other commitments.
 So to make up for it this year I made the effort to head over to Amsterdam and will soon be off to Solemart Berlin.

As I haven't been before I was off to a good start swanning around with Abs and KB who knew the score and the best spots over there being what seemed like regulars at the European events as well as Dom and Colin.

I had high expectations of Sneakerness and their crew went above and beyond to ensure that the event was a hit.

As much as I wasn't expecting to see a lot of girls gear I did manage to pick up these little runners and a very Floozy tee:

Air Max GS / 3

Day & Night

On the opening day the Sun was shining and despite the three hours sleep and running on a slight hangover caused by a night at Jimmy Woos (this place goes off!) the anticipation of the event took my mind of it.

On arrival the que was already pretty long.

Thankfully again due to the boys contacts out there we managed to beat it thanks to the hospitality of the Sneakerness crew from the start of the event to the end.

The event was held at the Zuiveringshal West that stretched along the waterside. 
The building itself can hold up to 1,500 and was definitely a good shout for an event such as this. 

Although it was busy, you didn't feel squashed. 

The entrance leads you to the center of the building where Design Jam (a collaborative design experience) were exhibiting their work on sneaker culture. 




To either side of the exhibit were the stalls.

As expected a lot of Air Max's and Jordan's were on show with the likes of Deaup and Overkill making an appearance to name a few:

If only these were my size 

I was impressed by the range on offer, some prices good some not so but at events like this as Abs the king of the haggle proved you need to give it a go.

 As mentioned there was hardly anything under a size 6 but these baby beauties caught my eye. 

I was tempted by them as I'm a bit of a hoarder of things like this but with Solemart on the horizon chose to save the money.

As well as the sellers and artists Mini and Sneakerpedia were representing too.

Sneakerpedia had two and yes its fair to say it hot girls representing them to the delight of the likes of this young man:

On signing up/proving that you are already a member they gave away 'Sneakerholic' tees and took photos of what you were wearing on your feet to add to their ever growing Sneakerpedia.

As for Mini, they had all sorts going off from their own exhibition to Sneakerness cars:

I haven't been to enough events to really compare Sneakerness to anything else but for another event to beat this it will have to work hard.

What I liked was that there were no big egos strutting around, people were there for the trainers not to be seen to be there. I did expect to see more Brits making an appearance but from what I gathered not many came out.

I get that Crepe City is just around the corner but the amount of money you can end up spending in London Amsterdam wouldn't be a lot more expensive and it's good to see what the Europeans are saying.

The vibe in typical European style was laid back with the DJ pumping out some classic tunes.

One thing I would say to enjoy it thoroughly take it easy on the booze and local delicacies the night before the event. Today was my first day back at work and I was still feeling the self abuse from the weekend.

Here's to Sneakerness 2014!