Maxing It January 10, 2013 03:37

I remember the days when if you wore Air Max trainers from 90's to 95's you were regarded as a 'Chav' in school. Oh how times have changed.

The funny thing is the people who labelled what is my favourite style of Nike trainer as this are the one's who have now in the last few months/year jumped on the bandwagon with a 1st class ticket to get hold of the latest pairs. A turn around from their, 'Emo' days of believing they are a non-conforming individual aye.

Here is a round up from the last few weeks of some of the forth coming releases I'm looking forward to over 2013 and yes, there are some especially for us girls with small feet, whoooopieeee:

Air Max 90 x Liberty - Floral

Air Max 90 - Mercury

Nike Air Max 1 Premium Fuse Tiger/Camo

Air Max 90 - Laser Pink

Air Max 90 Premium - Poison Green

Air Max 90 - Cut Snake

Nike Air Max 1 2013 QS USA Track and Field Pack

Air Max 90 Hyperfuse

There are off course a few pairs you may be wondering why I haven't featured such as the Air Max 90 Infrared 'Vintage'. As much as I love the originals I don't like the vintage effect. Something is valuable to me because it is exactly that, vintage. It doesn't ignite the same flare to me when I know it's a copy. I get that it's a nice tribute to a classic but it's just not for me.

This leads me to why certain other styles aren't featured. Mainly because I know on release of specific silhouettes the robots who only recently show an interest in what I have loved all my life will be all over them.