My 25th Birthday January 4, 2013 01:44

My birthday was yesterday (its 1:34am here in Brighton/England) however as I'm yet to go to sleep I'm sticking with it still going as I write.

My day consisted of good company, classic music from my teenage days, a brief road trip, a pub but only one drink (wow I hear you say, yes I retained my urge) and a lovely pack of Lucky Charms, mmmmm.

Having a birthday so near to Christmas and New Years Eve I generally get asked, "Do you get people buying you Christmas and Birthday presents?" Well yes, in the past that has been the case. This however is not my main issue.

Instead of jumping up for an early start at work after a few hours sleep, these days I literally have to spend the entire day in my pit recovering. This means that my main concern having a birthday just after NYE is that by the time the 3rd of Jan rolls around like millions of others, I'm already exhausted from the Christmas and New Years drinking festivities.

As a teenager I could easily stay out all night drinking and go to work like Super Woman however in the last few years, that super power has well and truly declined. 

Whether it was the thought of a 2 day hang over that put me off getting back on the booze wagon today or the fact I'm off to London on Saturday to meet some of my partners in crime and will no doubt make up for the lack of it then who knows.

One thing is for sure though, this year I intend to cut down on how much I drink on nights out for my physical and mental health. The body is feeling the effects and not looking good.

I also seem to have some what the reputation as being on the verge of an alcoholic. I don't sit at home and drink by myself so as far as I can see, I'm fine I just seem to be able to drink a lot on nights out. Whether you can drink heavy or your a light weight you cant win.

Here's to a healthier 2013 with smaller doses of the good stuff (with the exception of what will no doubt turn into a messy weekend in London off course) and a lot more Footwear Floozy related things to come...