Jewelery For A Modern Day Queen December 21, 2012 12:44

My main obsession in life is obviously trainers. Aside from that, my other love is jewelery - mainly big, bold garish earrings and were talking Pat Butcher chic here!

Over the last year or so 3 designers have stood out and impressed me highly...

 Melody Ehsani

 Los Angeles

"My style is inspired by paradox, controversy, justice and pushing the envelope in showing that you truly can’t judge a book by its cover. I design to upset the equilibrium. I design to inspire. I design to serve. I design because I was created to do so."

I love the attitude that Melody's bold jewellery gives off. I also like her own personal style.
From what I have read about her she left Law School to follow her love of Design.
I credit anyone who has the strength to leave school to follow a dream and make it a reality or simply because it's not right fpr them no matter how many people say it's a bad idea.

There is a vast range of original ideas available. The concepts of items such as the, 'Always On Time' and 'I'm Fly' bracelets are fab. Such a simple idea yet wouldn’t necessarily spring to mind when creating jewellery.

Here is my pick of what I consider to be Melody's best designs:


Art Deco - Green
Fuck Off Chandalier - These are very me
Mercedes Benz
Single Initial
Best Freakin Friends
Large Stackable Swarovski 
Hot Lips
Need These Nails!

I'm Fly
Always On Time

This speaks for itself
Honey- B Gold

Natalia Durazo - LA / California

"The philosophy behind our company is to aid in accentuating the fierce everyday woman in expressing herself through the colors and patterns she chooses to shine with. Many of our pieces keep the bold, thrilling, bad girls in mind. Drawing inspiration from females who have no limits in achieving oneness and self expression. Individuality + Uniqueness will always reign supreme. "
Natalia seems to be very much like Melody by means of how passionate she is about self expression in the form of jewellery.
I first stumbled across Honey-B when I saw the 'Dripping C's' Chanel inspired earrings:
Being a big fan of Chanel and loving paint these just appeal to me like mad!
There are way too many peices to choose from Honey, picking my favourite's was some what a task to say the least:

Chains and Things
No Money No Honey
Coco Le Cream
Trust No Man

Trust No Bitch
Fuck Him
Love Them Leave Them
Material Girl's
Love My Custom

Lisa Maria Carter - UK
"Jewellery that you dreamt of but could never find, jewellery so statement and bold it blows your mind, jewellery that tells a story and speaks for itself, jewellery that can be made especially for you as a one-off piece because who wants to look the same as everyone else?!?! Jewellery that looks good enough to eat, jewellery for those who standout and strive to be unique."
Being from the UK it can be a bit tedious ordering from America - waiting for the customs clearance and hopefully avoiding a charge for that final day where your item arrives.
For this reason it was great to come across the amazing work of LMC as they are UK based!
Lisa even creates lace locks, fabulous for you Footwear Floozies!
Some of my faves:

Palm Trees


Door Bangers

Arabian Love


Initial 3 Ring

Custom - Wah Nails - Love This One!
Lace Lock's:
Fresh Kicks


You would be right in thinking these three brands look fairly similar in style but when it comes to the originality and concept of each indicidual peice, they couldnt be any more different!
Get on the websites ladies, last minute Christmas shopping is in order and we can never have too many items of jewelery!