MBlicious Sneaker Calendar 2013 - The perfect present for Christmas December 19, 2012 13:40

As the new year is approaching a lot of us in traditional style are on the look out for a new calendar to pay the days at work away in the new year.

Until now I hadn't come across anything different that stood out to me until I was introduced to the MBlicious Sneaker Calendar 2013.

For those of you not aware of who they are, MBliscious are a young up and coming fashion and art project from Germany creating t-shirts to tote bags and anything that takes their fancy.

The idea to produce a calendar showcasing sneakers on the feet of beautiful girls has been done before but what makes this one stand out is the choice of sneakers used (and thank god unlike certain American ones it's not all about Jordan's) to the stunning girls sporting them.

What I especially respect about this calender is that the creators behind it have pushed their dream of producing this hard. A lot of effort has clearly gone into every process of its creation. 

It's easy to put a hot girl on a beach wearing the latest sneakers however what Mbilicious have done is thought about what sneakers to use in depth and showcased them not only by the ladies wearing them but also by props used expressing their own concept of what each sneaker represents in their eyes.
 Having viewed some of the behind the scenes shots a lot of the final photos look good enough to have come out of any highend fashion mag, not some trashy porno (believe me when I say I have seen some horrendous sneaker calendars) thanks to the contribution of the hair and beauty team.
It's hard pin pointing my favorite month but it's definitely a toss between October and December:

I really like the concept here. Angels are often used as a symbol of Christmas and when I look at this I'm just thinking for many of the blokes that I know who are huge collectors of Adidas, a woman wearing them would indeed be seen as an angel fallen from heaven.

The Jeremy Scott wing's are the perfect style to choose for this month, complimented by some gorgeous lingerie and big fluffy wings the shot was spot on.

With regards to October it stood out for me as I instantly thought of one of my favorite childhood cartoon characters, Pebbles from The Flintstones.

Adidas Originals x Jeremy Scott Bones

The model used is obviously hot and those earrings, very nice. She is like a modern day pebbles, minus the ginger hair off course.

From what I have seen this calendar is definitely the best one so far this year.
As mentioned earlier when ever a calendar is produced showcasing trainers it's usually created by an American and highly represents Jordan's being worn by a woman with her legs wide apart.

I get that over there the style is the biggest and obviously sex sells but it's nice to see a variety on offer and as a woman myself, to not feel like we cant be included in a calendar unless we have our kit off in all of it's glory.

I guess what has made the calendar a success is that the photographer is female, add her input to that of Haane Haansn the male side of the brand and what you have is a calendar representing for both sexes whether your a man into trainers wanting to look at hot women in them or a girl who can respect a well put together calendar artistically showcasing them.
Check out the website to purchase one as well as find out more info, view more photo's and see other projects that MBlicious are pursuing and be sure to LIKE the Facebook page: