"Get up it's Monday" December 17, 2012 22:43

Well considering that it is approaching midnight on a Monday the majority of you I would hope are up already, better late then never aye.

I have been pretty busy today and have only now got a chance to write this feature.

I chose this outfit that I found on some form of football casual fashion Tumblr page for a few reasons.

1) I like the casualness of it. It is a pretty manly get up (in the nicest possible way) but with the fur hood, right jeans and long loose curled hair it adds a touch of elegance in a twisted kind of way.

2) I hope she's at a football match, always good to see the ladies supporting.

3) The headware and hair is spot on. This is a minimal look that has been pulled off with ease. It may appear boring to some but I think it's smart! 

Loving the Aquascutum scarf.