13 years of collecting, 2,500 pairs - Your's for US $1,000,000.00 December 14, 2012 11:00

A while back we briefly looked at Jordan Geller's, "ShoeZeum" after coming across the guided tour on Youtube. The epic collection according to the 2013 Guiness Book Of World Records is the largest in the world and now up for sale on Ebay:


With 13 years of collecting and  2 years to amass the props, the collection is organised into 23 themed exhibits and consits of 2,500 pairs of brand new trainers. Thankfully for the fellow collector the majority of pairs are still with original boxes displayed with relevant props to tell the story of the history of specicifc styles.

Now for the US $1,000,000.00 *£619,848.00* price tag I hear you ask what exactly do you get? Well I can tell you that the winner of the auction is buying the entire collection, every poster/marketing product, art peice, toy ,ShoeZeum trademark and website as well as off course, the official Guiness World Record certificate.

Some people are saying that this is a publicity stunt to get more attention for the museum based in Downtown Las Vegas but I doubt it myself.

For whatever reason Jordan is selling his collection it must be hard for him to part with it.

I give him credit for the dedication he has put into this collection from sourcing to the creativity behind the themes/props used and off course, the hard graft I presume he put in on the job front to fund such a project.
As far as the collection goes I can see a lot of attention surrounding his Jordans alone.

Personally I'm not the hugest fan of them and only own a few pairs but I'm sure people would kill for them alone.
If I had the option to take one category of his collection I would go for his vast range of Air Max.
For me this style is more appealing from the history of to the various designs available.
Tour in progress
Whether or not this is a publicity stunt, I wish Jordan the best of luck with whatever happens with the collection. I can see a bidding war between US rappers kicking off for starters.
Let's just hope that he hasn't got a pushy partner wanting him to get rid, we have all met one of those types!
On that note I will leave you with some photos of what is on offer, check his Facebook too for loads more info:


Attention to detail is spot on