Bargain beauty bashing for vintage footwear gems - (New Balance, Nike, Vans, Asics) December 12, 2012 23:01

In the last hour or so I found out that one of my favorite websites for the odd bits and bobs also has many hidden treasures in the form of vintage trainers, always a bonus who doesn't love a bargain bash or two?

The good thing is the prices are very reasonable and unlike Ebay, they don't seem to have thousands of trainer enthusiasts patrolling.

Now don't get me wrong, I haven't stumbled across an amazing new treasure chest of trainers. 
There are only a few pairs thankfully in smaller sizes for me but it was a nice experience to find a lot in a small matter of time.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Nike Caldera Hiking Boots - Nippers size 3

As I still consider myself "young"  I don't have kids or want them any time soon however at the cost of these I would happily get them for the future or to just sit looking pretty with the rest of my trainer memorabilia.

Vans x Mickey Mouse - 4

I got my first pair of red/black checkered Vans when I was 18. Years later as I have said in previous blogs the fact that every 15 year old is now wearing them has put me ever so slightly off ever buying another pair (at least as far as the Era's and Authentic's go) 

These however I do indeed like, I'm yet to see anyone sporting a pair which always helps.

1980's prototype - Nike Flight Lite/ACG - Size 3.5

I spoke to the seller of these, a lovely lady who worked for the legendary Harput's Adidas/Market store in San Francisco back in the early 90's.

She acquired a lot of vintage gear in small sizes over the years but unfortunately sold the majority along the way.

I wouldn't wear these myself however know a few that would.

If you are going to sport a style so garish why not go all out with the luminous socks aye.

Asics Gel-Saga - 1980's - 3.5

Now these I really, really, really yes, REALLY want!

I have always had a crush on certain Asics runners and these are by far my number 1's.

The silhouette of the trainers complimented by a smart pair of royal blue jeans and matching cardi would make a simple yet smart outfit.

They need to be on my feet, pronto!

New Balance 996 Vintage - Apple Red - 4.5

Just like the above, New Balance no matter what style were talking generally look great with jeans. 
I tend not to wear dresses with trainers as much as I used to these days (I think getting called Lilly Allen numerous times when living up north back in the day put me off even though as a tom boy as a kid I wore the two together way back) so a few more pairs of NB wouldn't go a miss and apple red, can even co-ordinate with the lippy with these beauts.

In action

 £ all I have to say...

So there we go, who needs to go crazy over the latest releases on the market when you can have an original piece of vintage history and in a lot of cases at a much cheaper cost.