Sander Reijgers - Sportwear x Sex Doll December 12, 2012 13:27

Men generally love sex and sportswear (the ones I know anyway) 
Combine the two together and you have an array of objects from clothing to footballs made from pieces of plastic blow up dolls by dutch artist Sander Reijgers.

I remember briefly seeing an article on Sanders, "Sex Balls" a while back but only recently found out about the windbreaker style jackets he created.

Now I have a fair few Nike ones similar to these however I would happily add one to the collection just for the fascination they seem to attract whether you think they are weird or not.

“These dolls are so ugly and vulgar that turning them into something beautiful has become a challenge for me. The doll is a means to convey something else… it’s near-incomprehensible that people could have sex with something as ugly and lifeless as a blow-up doll. However much air you pump into it, it remains an object that can’t reciprocate the feelings of lust.” 

One of my personal favorites is the above that I would describe as the, 'Adi Clit' jacket. 
The skin color against the different shades of blue works well and then bam, when the arm is lifted there is the what could be used as a glory hole in all it's sex doll rubbery dirtyness.

I can see me in this outfit


Other then jackets I quite liked the football too. I have no interest in using a sex doll in any shape or form (not just for the fact I don't have a penis) but I guess its the the comedy value I like and seeing a sex doll in an unusual form.

Now I'am well aware of peoples fetish for sex dolls and  I find it quite weird that you can go to places like Japan and have a personalised one made to order to be their dream woman but  hey ho, as they say each to your own and what not.

In the mean time I will stick with these being the nearest objects to a sex doll I will ever venture to.

This blog has done me no favors with those who presume Footwear Floozy is some kind of foot fetish site but for those who get off thinking it is, I hope you had a happy read :/ 

Check out Sander's website for loads more interesting items: