Peter O'Toole Illustrations X Footwear Floozy November 27, 2012 23:52

As I'm yet to attempt mastering the art of the likes of Photoshop, a logo for Footwear Floozy has been long on the list of things to do, thank god for Pete @ Peter O'Toole illustrations - a freelance illustrator based in Huddersfield.

 Pete has done work for a whole host of people and companies from Durex to the Women's Institute, to a favorite of ours The Casual Connoisseur.

I have to say I'am over the moon with the hotty that has been created for us. 

As you will she she is sporting (as requested) my two favorite style's of trainers, Air Max 90's as well as a pair of Adidas Gazelles draped around that impressive chest of hers.

Below you can see a small selection of some of our favorite work:

"Two girls one cup" - Saw a lot of that in Thailand :/

Be sure to check out his sites: