"Get Up It's Monday!" November 26, 2012 11:42

So I didn't want to look at the outfit of the usual suspects Rita Ora and Rihanna who seem to be dominating the streetglam look at the moment.

 Thankfully after a somewhat drawn out search I stumbled across up and coming Canadian artist, Kay.

Now from her Facebook page there are a fair few style's that she has thrown together and managed to in most cases pull off. I guess being a stunning girl always helps make even a bin bag look good.

On the subject of bin bags, I'm not sure if I'm feeling the wet look skirt however do like the fact it's high waisted in black making the bondeau style boob tube top stand out a mile off.

As many of you know, I'a a huge fan of Adidas and the jacket give's the outfit more of a laid back street vibe rather than disco queen.

The up do in typical Kat style look's perfect and goes well with setting off the trefoil to the back of the jacket.

With regards to Kay's nails, she seems to change them more then me. Being a girl who loves garish nail art and were talking Thailand 3D outlandish nails I appreciate the bold patterns she chooses and very much like the white leopard print shown above.

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Overall what I like about Kay's style is that she seems to be working what I like to call Streetglam in a various mix of ways.

 I guess that she is self styled unlike some major celebs I could mention who I reckon have jumped on the streetwear, "I Love Jordan's" bandwagon only this year ruining it for those of us who have been doing it since the end of our Tom Boy era.

Love the freckles

Check out her sites: