A twist on a tradition - Toy Boarders November 22, 2012 10:56

I stumbled across TOY BOARDERS last night and absolutely love them.

Growing up with an older brother who liked the soldier version these bring back a slight bit of nostalgia, with a twist off course.

Their roots are skate, surf, & snow. Each individual rider reflects real moves that would be used by today's riders. 

The attention to detail is fabulous, check out the vid:

 So far there are two series:
Series 1:

Series 2:

Our favourite boarder is this little lady, it's nice to see us women being represented through such a positive toy:

At only $4.99/£3.50ish and very reasonable shipping costs I'm thinking four packs, 2 to sit on my shelf with the rest of the skate/trainer related stuff I collect and 2 to scatter around my room.