"Get Up It's Monday!" November 19, 2012 12:51

So here we are again, for our second run of, "Get Up It's Monday" we have chosen to feature Rita Ora after seeing a photo of her in this outfit during her arrival to Paris:

A few "high end" fashion blogs are slating her for wearing the Jordan's with one even saying that they didn't think Hermes Birkin bag's should be worn with trainers full stop.

This to me is ridiculous, I'm not a huge fan of designer labels unless were talking timeless Chanel pieces however I do appreciate a good handbag and faux fur jacket.

People are quick to assume that trainers can't be worn with anything other than sports/streetwear
Just because we are girls wearing trainer's doesn't mean that we have to look like we have just come of a sports pitch.

The nude head to toe look Rita has gone for below has received a lot of praise. To me this looks a lot worse than the fur, baseball cap and Jordan's get up

Now I'm not the biggest fan of Ora but do always keep an eye out for what she has been wearing.
If it's not her hitting the headlines for her/her stylists choice it's Rihanna. 

Girl's have been twisting up and mixing various styles for year's before these two came along. You would think that some of these bloggers have never seen a woman wear a hoody by the way they go on.

Doing a 180

Airing it up in her 1's

Co-ordinating your Air Jordan 's / "MotorBoat Jones" to your red lace outfit and red lipstick, not at all bad Rita