Nike x OVERKILL" Leopard Print Tote Bag November 15, 2012 13:04

 So while getting ready for work this morning this tart of a tote popped up on my news feed.

Being leopard print it automatically caught my eye and off course equally as good it's a Nike x Overkill collab.

I instantly bought it despite my reservations over the matching Leopard Pack AM1's.

As those of you who frequent the blog are aware as much as the trainers were on my hit list prior to release the amount of people you see on the high street wearing them put me right off.

I'm thinking in this instance to get the bag and wear it with other AM1's of mine and maybe, just maybe buy the leopards to put on ice so to say to woop out next Summer when the hype has died down and the sheep have found a new flock.

I guess when it comes to releases like this one with the whole streetwear/sneaker head style proving increasingly popular all us old hags can do is switch up what we have and make it look better on us then the follow fashionstas!

Each to your own aye Floozie's!