Nike Studio Wrap (Up and put them in the bin!) November 15, 2012 00:55

So a good friend of mine showed me a quick glimpse of these the other night .

After a glance I gave them a pass. 

Having had a closer look at them today what can I say. For a shoe that is described as being, "Five shoes in one" it doesn't have a lot to say for itself and after 30 prototypes! There's nothing to it for a start.

They remind me of the Nike Gladiator MD Sandals I remember seeing on the sale racks of Offspring a few years back that resembled a roman warriors foot attire ( I didn't like these either believe it or not)

Now I'm no keep fit junkie I'm more of a, "Id rather spend my time in the pub" kind of girl so they may be amazing for ladies who take pleasure in working up a thirst taking part in Yoga, Pilates or Barrework (no we don't have a clue what this is either, we read it on Vogue :/ ) but for me this is beyond the rancidness of the Nike Camel Toe, sorry Air Rift design.

I love ribbons and when I sell on Ebay replacing the laces with them is a Floozy trademark however, these are a defo no in my book.

For one, I don't want to see peoples toes popping out here, there and everywhere.

As a girl that says each to your own, this is just my opinion so please don't take offense if your heart skipped a beat when you saw them (god help you)

If anyone purchases a pair, please feel free to share your feedback of them.