Designer inspired glaming jewelry , we love you Honey B! November 7, 2012 23:22

My oh my, Honey B. Gold from across the pond are definitely on our Christmas list this year!

We originally fell in love with the brand when we came across the Material Girl's ring on Apple Sauced a while back.

Just when we thought it couldn't get any better the continued theme of designer inspired jewelry has been kept in play with the release of the Dripping C's earrings and necklace and we absolutely love it.

Drooling over the drips...

Compared to other brands the gear is sold at a reasonable price and thankfully you wont see everyone on the high street wearing the same pieces as you.

For something original and gorgeous we suggest that you get the money and yourself over to the the Honey B and Apple Sauced online stores now for more beauty's like these!