Alicia Keys x Reebok Classics Collection September 14, 2012 11:51

It seems that since having her baby boy Alicia Keys has been pretty quiet, perhaps spending her time working on her collaboration with Reebok on their classic silhouttes.

The trainers arent to my taste as I think they are a bit bland however I can see where she was going with the concept.

My personal favourites are the freestyle hi's. As to whether this style will make another come back after the nu rave craze bought them back 2 Summers ago is another question.
Being a fan of big citys, music and trainers all three aspects are sumed up in this style and Alicia has certainly put her stamp on them with the keys.

While on the subject of the Freestyle Hi, my all time favourite has to be the Colette x Married To The Mob x Reebok, it's just proven a nightare since 2008 to find a pair with the small release of 350 worldwide.