The Triple Threat: Fox Fur Fanny's February 2, 2012 22:04

Please excuse the rather crude title but it is what it is. We had the, "Vajazzle" so the Americans tried to go one better and created the,"Fox Fur Merkins" (essentially often described as a "pussy wig" intended long ago to distract from horrible odor or disease ridden vagina's.) 

 $255, money probably not well spent when you can pick up the materials down your local haberdashery store and the thought of a fox fur on my never regions seems a bit odd. From fox fur to vibrant feathers, as fun as it sounds I cant see it being very practical. Just check out what blondey in the video goes home with:

If you cant afford the read deal you could always resort to one of these bad boys off Ebay (Fox friendly too)