Festive Spirit... January 1, 2010 17:13

The spiritual core of Christmas is the celebration of Christ's birth-God himself entering this world to reconcile us to Himself. Christmas is the ultimate statement of divine love...yeah off course it is...the love of most to have a few days off work and get merry with their nearest and dearest, spend too much money, have a laugh and forget your problems.

2009 was my first Christmas with out a festive tree on the go.

As I get older I dont care for Christmas, the only good I see from it is getting merry with my nearest and dearest and recieving a few presents here and there.

What Ive enjoyed most about this Christmas is being home in Brighton in the warmth of my mothers little flat in the city centre (a stumbling distance from town), her cooking and a nice power shower (something the cold house I live in in Leeds doesnt supply with the shower rail collapsing on me every time I get in, never mind the petty amount of water that squirts from its hose)

Despite the lack of a tree, walking around bare foot in the snow, fighting with my brother drunk in the early hours of Christmas eve, festive swims and many nights forever forgotten have made this Christmas one of the best.

Well done Mother Jones...