Sole Searching In South America - Adidas Spezial takes a visit to the north October 3, 2014 14:12

Oh Adidas, how happy I am to see you take an event to the north of the country. 

As much as I'm born a Londoner, from living in Leeds and Hull a part of me wishses that I was still residing up there-the friendly people, slower pace of life and interesting football casual lads I met along the way both from working at Size? as well as many nights out made for very fond memories.

As part of Design Manchester, the global launch of the Adidas Original x Spezial Collection will be taking place from the 24/10/14-02/11/13 from 12-8 on a daily basis with free admission at 7 Dale Street.

Having visited the exhibition when it opened in Shoreditch, I recommended that any trainer enthusiasts no matter your brand of choice visit. The amount of love, time and organisation that has been carefully put into this is extraordinary and it is unlikely that you will see a project as on point as this one for a long time.

For those of you that visited the exhibition in London and are thinking that the Manchester event will be the exactly same well think again.

Gary Aspden plus a carefully handpicked group of friends including Ian Brown had a very special date in Buena Aires of which added to the treasure already housed.

Take yourself over to SHOWstudio to find out more at the following link and watch the trailer or the documentary marking the occasion:

The following photos are a small selection of what was on offer at the Hoxton Gallaery exhibition, for those of you that would rather be suprosed on the day I would suggest to not scroll down: