Down at 'The Farm' with Adidas January 7, 2015 16:49

What started last Summer as a collaboration back when our hopes of England winning the World Cup were dashed, Adidas Originals picked Brazilian brand 'The Farm Company' to work with on what has now continued to be an on going project.

This year as part of the "Spring/Summer" collection Brazilian influences have been brought to the table in the form of some of our favourites silhouettes and sportswear.

The collection consists of a geometric tribal design to my personal favourite of the dusky sunset background of a romantic farm scene.

My favourite release has to be the latest member of the much loved ZX family, the ZX Flux.

This newbie caused a storm on its initial release being released in a multitude of colourways and most notably causing a storm with the release of the "London" edition showcasing the River Thames from a satellite point of view winding its way across the shoe.

The ZX Flux is by far the perfect canvas for any form of print and works perfectly to eccuntautes what the visual of the farm represents.

Another silhouette that seems to be setting tongues wagging with its return for us ladies is the 'Racer Lite', originally release in 1991 that would rival Nike with their 'Huarache' design from Tinker Hadfield.

A lot of customer that come through the store I work in seem to rate these highly due to the light weight materials and fit that hugs your foot.

For me personally the shoe is not chunky enough. If I was to go for a style similar to this than it would have to be the EQT Racers. 

'Superstar' - The name says it all

Since I was in my teens out of all of the track jackets available, the 'Superstar' has by far proved my ongoing favourite all of these years.

The simple baseball style jacket proves the perfect shape to apply any design or keep simple with plain colours to match your kicks.

For met this jacket and any of the above releases are an easy hit to throw on.