About Us

Through my lifetime love of footwear, I aim to help raise funds and awareness of how vital Organ Donation is as well as other causes (see charity page) in memory of my dearly missed Mum, Ann.

Having been diagnosed out of the blue with a rare form of lung disease called Usual Interstitial Pneumonia (Gradual scarring of the lungs at a rapid rate) Mum needed a double Lung transplant aged 54. 

She deteriorated while on on the priority waiting list and passed away 2 years from diagnosis on April the 15th 2014 at home, with my Brother Will and I (as well as her beloved Cat Pip) by her side.

At the end of the day, although I have obsessed over footwear ever since I was a child, it is merely a material possession that I have invested a lot of money in over the course of my life. Now I aim to give back as much as possible and keep the spirit of my Mum alive through doing good deeds.

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