Adidas NHS keyring - Restock Pre order


I have supported the NHS long before Covid 19 put the limelight on just how fantastic those who work within it are. 

I had to mark this crazy year and honour those who are often bashed and taken for granted in a service under funded by the government. 

All profits will go back into the NHS, either to Harefield Hospital who would have carried out Mums double lung transplant had she been lucky enough to have revived one, or, split between a few different charity organisations. Whatever the outcome all activity will be made public so you can see what good the money will be used for.

The back of the Keyring will more than likely have the speculated Nye Bevan quote “The NHS will last as long as there’s folk with faith left to fight for it” engraved on it. It will also have lockdown 2020 and as usual Footwear Floozy with the organ donation symbol on there too.

I really want this keyring and the keyworker one to fly out so a huge thank you to anyone who orders 🌈 🏥 👩‍⚕️ 👨🏽‍⚕️ 🚑 ♻️ 

Dispatch will be mid July latest 💌