Andy’s Man Club keyring Pre-order


Andy’s Man Club support men across multiple support groups gradually growing nationwide, who are dealing with mental health issues and work towards suicide prevention. Their work is extremely admirable and ties in well with my customers who are typically macho men who may find that due to social conditioning, they struggle to discuss their feelings openly.

Suicide and mental health needs to stop being treated like a taboo subject, the biggest killer of men under 50 is suicide. Mental health can affect anyone and sadly, suicide is seen as a permanent solution to what is a temporary problem. Support is out there so please seek it if you need it.

As AMC say when we man up we end up a man down. The worst thing that an individual can do is bottle up their issues.

On the back the following lyrics from Chumbawambas - Tubthumping will be engraved:

I get knocked down,
But I get up again... 🎶

The lyrics are very relevant and for those that know the song will know that the next line is “You’re never gonna’ keep me down” so that tied in with the lad culture that the song appealed to at the time, making it the perfect little detail.

I’ve raised awarness and funds for them in the past, but aim for these to sell out so that from you guys ordering we can give a larger donation and spread more awareness. The men’s mental health stickers that I ran with orders last year will be going out with these too.


🖥 👩🏼‍💻

(just to clarify due to the size of the Keyrings, I have had to abbreviate the wording slightly to “Itsoktotalk” as the standard hashtag is too long)

*Delivery by end of March to early April latest.