George Ellis - The Yorkshire Regiment keyring - Preorder


My colleague and friend Adrian (one of the most positive people that I know) sadly lost his boy George on Friday. He was only 24.

I didn’t personally know George but I have seen online that many of his friends described him as the life and soul of the party and someone who would always make people laugh. A loving son, brother, boyfriend and friend to many people.

With the blessing of Adrian, he has allowed me to run a keyring in George’s honor. It is in the colours of the Yorkshire Regiment with their moto and the rose engraved on the back as well as the flier-de-lys to represent his home county.

Only last month I did the @andysmanclubuk keyring in aid of men’s mental health and suicide prevention so this came as devastating news.

I have said it countless times on my social media channels but please, if you need support then seek it from the likes of @andysmanclubuk @beardedfishermenuk @samaritanscharity @calmzone @hey.mind

Let’s get this sold out, George’s family will then choose a charity to donate the funds to in his memory or use the money how they best see fit.

(Delivery by end of May to early June)