Hull 4 Heroes - George Ellis Damon Hakin tribute


👟 In honour of George Ellis, Damon Hakin and our Veterans - All profit will be given to Hull 4 Heroes 💚

Hull4Heroes provide support for veterans of the British Armed Forces, assisting in their transition back into civilian life and regular employment. Having done a keyring themed around George and the Yorkshire Regiment before as well as one based on the Royal Navy I always like to support our military personnel.

Paul Matson the founder (and a top bloke) has also been fantastic with offering support to the Ellis family and has gone as far as holding a football match in tribute to both George and Damon from the @yorksregt. The lads were friends that sadly took their own lives within weeks of each other.

The back will be engraved with the following quote chosen by George’s Dad Adrian to represent both Geo and Damon:

The brave don’t live for ever,
the cautious don’t live at all.
Our boys were brave.

Team Ellis Hakin ⚽️

This keyring will look brilliant with the shade of green from the Hull4Heroes logo against the gold plating. It’s quite a vibrant colour but the text will show boldly on the final product (more so than the graphic)

Anyone who has bought my Keyrings knows what exceptional quality they are.

A cause definitely worth supporting, all profit will be donated to Hull 4 Heroes in memory of George and Damon.

Let’s get this one sold out on release this weekend like we did George’s original version and remember, if you need support then please do seek it. There is no shame in asking for help from the likes of:

Andys Man Club
The CALMzone
Bearded Fishermen Charity - Mental Health and Suicide Prevention
Hull and East Yorkshire Mind Mind