Adidas Dragon - Bottle opener keyring


Almost there💙

Just under half of these beauties are left! 

Ciaran the Son of one of my lovely friends is undergoing treatment for Leukaemia at the Birmingham QE hospital. All profit from the sale of the Adidas Dragon keyring will be given to Fisher House UK and Teenage Cancer Trust.

Fisher House UK is a charity providing military families like Jill’s with accommodation on the hospital grounds while the Teenage Cancer Trust supports the ward where Ciaran receives his treatment. 

Ciaran is a sailor of HMS Dragon and follows in his parents footsteps joining the Navy🚢 which is why I have tied it in within the Adidas Dragon trainer modifying the obvious 🐉 


The Keyrings always sell out very quickly so if you wish to support then please head over to the website to avoid disappointment. 


This release is one of the most important ones to date***LETS GET IT SOLD OUT ASAP***👟🌊 ⚓️